Program Descriptions
Four Year Old Program:
The four year old program is described in detail on the inside of this brochure. All teachers are certified in early childhood education. Each session is a class size of 20 students. They meet 9:00-11:30AM three or five days a week.

Extended Day Program:
In addition to our morning day program, we offer an extended day. Two, three, or five day programs which reinforce all morning curriculum in a fun and creative way. Class time is 11:30AM-3:00PM.

Three Year Old Program:
The three year old program is taught by the same teacher as in the two year old program. The children are now comfortable to be in school independent of guardian. We meet three days a week: Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday with two separate sessions available: 9:00-11:25AM or 12:30-2:55PM. Each session is a class size of 16 students. The school year incorporates the many learning experiences listed in the four year old class, but with an emphasis on socialization.

Two Year Old Program:
The two year old program is designed for children making that first adjustment to independence at school. The child is initially accompanied by a guardian. As the child begins to feel at ease, he/she will stay in the classroom without guardian. The class revolves around play and friendship. We meet once a week with two available sessions: Thursday 9:00-10:25AM or 10:35-12:00PM. Each class size is 10 students.

Summer Camp:

Summer camp is offered to those students who are enrolled in the three and four year old classes at Saint Mark Nursery School. The summer camp runs 2-3 weeks depending on enrollment. Each week is a different theme. The camp meets Monday-Friday (9:00-11:30AM). We have lots of fun with music, arts and crafts, and water play!

Enrichment Room:
In the enrichment room there are areas of learning and individualized activities. Children from the three and four year old classes will visit the enrichment room in groups of twos or threes and rotate among three learning centers. This will enhance the learning of science, math, and reading in an individualized setting. This particular type of learning will occur on Monday and Tuesday for 30 minutes each session.

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